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    I’ll be the first to admit it – I am addicted to British television.

    As a wand-carrying member of the original Harry Potter generation and devotee of the 5-hour Pride and Prejudice mini-series, I grew up with a view of England so rosy it would make the Queen’s gardener insanely jealous. For years, I have exhaustively obsessed over and consumed any type of British media I could get my hands on, and I’m fully aware that British television can be an elusive beast for those of us who live in the States. But fear not, fellow Anglophile, I’ve got good news for you. The internet is a big, wonderful, weird place and indulging obsessions is what it does best.

    Of course, while it’s now easier than ever to broaden your horizons, one major problem remains. While the United Kingdom may seem like a small country, its wealth of quality television can seem overwhelming and foreign. Sure, you can watch the few select programs that BBC America decides are US-ready, but why on earth would you stop there? I want to give you more.

    That brings us to now and, I guess, to me. I’m an overly-enthusiastic student working towards a degree in Television Producing and my sidekick in life is my best friend Michelle, a lovely and patient Brit who is kind enough to be the birdy on my shoulder introducing me to new programs and explaining all the jokes that go flying right over my head.

    I love nothing more than introducing enthusiastic viewers to quality television, so if you’re interested in discovering the best the Brits have to offer, stick around. I will be bringing you the best of British television – comedy to drama, past to present – from the only point of view I’ve got: an American’s! Drop me a line if there’s a show you’ve always been curious about, a joke you don’t understand, or if you think of a show I should check out. Cheers!



    Doctor Who?

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